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    New luxury boutique hotel "Atlantis" *****, located in the center of Rogaška Slatina, was named after the mythological island of Atlantis, which was considered the source of magical energy, the focus of wisdom and virtue.

    We want you to feel the color of the past, which is mixed with the present, and discover for yourself the fact that Atlantis is not a myth, but a reality in the modern version of our hotel.

    “You probably heard the legends about Atlantis? The Greek philosopher Plato first wrote about the city-state that went under the water. He described the incredible wealth and natural beauty of Atlantis. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet found its traces, but we can Mystical secrets of antiquity will open you the Atlantis Boutique Hotel - and if the ancient Greek philosopher were alive, he would call it a source of inspiration, well-being, relaxed rest and peace.

    The past and the present intertwine with each other at every turn. On the one hand, the modern boutique hotel "Atlantis", a place that adheres to the philosophy of equilibrium health of the body, emotions, mind and spirit; on the other - the city of Atlantis, sunk in antiquity, the legendary source of this philosophy. "


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    • Value for money


    Free WIFI

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    The hotel offers you for a comfortable and high-quality rest in a peaceful atmosphere 61 double rooms of six different types (Superior, Deluxe, Standard, Exclusive - adapted for disabled people, double rooms with French windows). Guests will be enchanted by the beautiful view outside the window.

    Detailed description:

    • Deluxe Double Rooms
    • Double rooms SUPERIOR
    • Standard double rooms
    • Double rooms with french windows
    • Double rooms Exclusive area
    • Double room adapted for disabled

    Prestigious apartment experience

    The hotel can offer 15 apartments, 6 different types (Junior, Superior, Comfort, Deluxe, apartments with a French window, Presidential apartments). A special feature of the hotel are the two large deluxe apartments on the top floor and the Presidential Suite with a private elevator from the garage. Twelve apartments have a separate toilet, five of them - an additional toilet. Some apartments have a toilet and a separate shower (Kit shut-off).


    Detailed description (11 rooms with balcony, 4 without balcony):

    • Junior Apartments
    • Apartments with French windows
    • Superior Apartments
    • Comfort apartments (45-54 m2) with balcony (15 m2)
    • Deluxe apartment: (59 and 68 m2) with balcony (14-16 m2)
    • Presidential suite (76 m2) with a terrace of 155



    In our wellness and spa area we will take you back to the basics so that you can feel the very essence of life in your body again. Imagine that you are one of the ancient inhabitants of Atlantis and visited Earth for the first time. Do not deny yourself, relax and relax in our wellness center, in the Finnish and Turkish saunas, in the salt room and in the cozy corners for a massage, dedicate your time to body and face care. Here you can pamper yourself (or let us pamper you!) From 8:00 to 20:00, and Oasis saunas opens its doors at noon.


    Tables for the earliest birds we serve as early as 7:00, but if you prefer a late breakfast, you can come to us until 11:00. For dinner, we invite you from 19:00 to 21:00.


    Open every day from 12:00 to 22:00.